Real-Time Chat

In the Real-Time Chat feature, you can view the other testers in your cycle, as well as the PM, CM and TM. The chat should be treated with the same level of professionalism that the uTest code of conduct details especially due to the close contact with customer. There is also a broadcast feature for TTLs, PMs and TMs to push major notifications to the chat as a whole, which will temporarily place it in a read only view for testers.

Click here for the Chat Etiquette Help Topic. Here are some chat-specific rules to keep in mind:

  • Do not add PMs, TMs, or CMs to your contact list unless they have added you first
  • Keep all conversations professional in nature and on topic with the test cycle
  • Do not spam or distract PMs, TMs or TTLs
  • If you come across a questionable conversation yourself, copy and paste it in an email to

Basic tips on chat functionality:  

To sign out or in to chat there is an icon on the top right of the main chat filter


Threaded Conversations are separate topics within a chat window that can be collapsed and expanded.


There is a settings menu in each test cycle to collapse the members list and enable offline messages.


To add another tester as a contact in the chat window, simply click the + icon to the right of their username


To initiate a 1 on 1 conversation with another tester in your cycle, simply click their name and a new window will appear to the left of your test cycle chat


To delete a message you have sent, there is a light colored X to the right of your chat text


You can full screen your chat window by clicking the bracket box in the upper right corner



Online Status: Green = Online | Grey = Offline | Yellow = Add Pending