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uTest Help CoC & Tester Bill of Rights Communication Guidelines

Communication Guidelines

Communication During a Test Cycle

If you have questions about a particular test cycle, please utilize the Real-Time Chat Feature. However, do not use this feature for disputing your bugs or requesting the customer review your bugs for validity. Furthermore, do not ever mention anything about payout rates and bug approval in the Real-Time Chat or Tester Messenger (see below for details about Tester Messenger). Keep in mind that the customer reviews the Chat log, so please keep your communication professional at all times. If you are concerned about privacy or perhaps the nature of your question is complicated, you may email the project manager directly and include the name and tester ID of the test cycle in the email subject line (the project manager’s email address is typically found under the Scope & Instructions tab).

When should I contact a PM?

uTest Project Managers are often busy juggling hundreds of test cycles. In an effort to help them focus on what’s relevant, please adhere to the following rules on when you can contact them.

Do contact a Project Manager if…

  • You suspect there is a tester committing fraud on the test cycle (tester copying another tester’s work, tester submitting “placeholder” reports, a tester with multiple uTest accounts)
  • The customer is being unprofessional in his/her communication with you (assuming that you did not instigate the unprofessional conversation)
  • You have a question about an active test cycle, but the material is sensitive and you would rather discuss this matter privately

Do not contact a Project Manager if…

  • Your bug was rejected and you want to know why (utilize the Dispute tool and be sure to provide further evidence that the bug is indeed valid)
  • You applied for a testing slot and have not heard back (if you do not hear back within 24 hours, chances are that the testing slot has already been taken)
  • You have a question about the test cycle’s scope and instructions (utilize the Real-Time Chat to clarify instructions, but never post a bug to the Chat to request if it is valid or not)

If your questions are more general to uTest, such as how to submit bugs, you may create a new topic on the Forums (be sure to review relevant articles in the Help Topics before submitting your question). Test Team Leads (TTL) may also be present in a Test Cycle. TTLs are select members of the uTest community who contribute in certain test cycle activities that are usually reserved for project managers. Because of their special role, you may interact with them in future test cycles via the Tester Messenger or Real-Time Chat. Ultimately, their role is to facilitate the process of approving and rejecting bugs, so please treat TTLs with the same level of respect as you would customers or project managers. Below are a few ways in which TTLs facilitate test cycle activities:

  • Send recommendations for bugs and other reports (report status will change from New to Pending Approval)
  • Request more information via the Tester Messenger
  • Communicate with the customer via Customer Notes (not visible to testers)

Real-Time Chat FAQs

  • What is Real-Time Chat? Real-Time Chat is a method of communication between testers, customers, and uTest project managers. Unlike the Tester Messenger feature, Real-Time Chat can be initiated and replied to by all testers who participate in the test cycle. Topics discussed should be specific to the test cycle; otherwise, please post general questions to the Forums. Never post a bug in the Chat to request if it is valid or not).
  • Who can participate in Real-Time Chat? Testers who are invited to a test cycle and accept the Test Cycle Agreement, as well as the customer for that particular project, are able to view and contribute to questions and answers in the Chat.
  • Does every Test Cycle have its own Real-Time Chat The availability of the Real-Time Chat feature is dependent upon the customer (most test cycles have one).
  • I am receiving a lot of emails from the Real-Time Chat, can I unsubscribe from these? If you have entered into a test cycle, you will automatically receive email digests when you are offline. Under the test cycle, there is an option to control the frequency of these email notifications.

Tester Messenger FAQs

  • What is the Tester Messenger? Tester Messenger is a communication tool that is specific to individual bug reports. The customer can initiate communication with a tester, which triggers an email notification to the tester who reported that specific bug. After signing in to the uTest platform and clicking on the specific bug in question, the tester will be able to read and add new comments relating to the bug. One note of caution: Please communicate professionally with customers. If you wish to dispute an incorrectly rejected bug, you may use the Dispute feature (never use the Tester Messenger to dispute or ask the customer to approve your bug).

Tester Messenger:

Tester Messenger

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Real-Time Chat

In the Real-Time Chat feature, you can view the other testers in your cycle, as well as the PM, CM and TM. The chat should be treated with the same level of professionalism that the uTest code of conduct details especially due to the close contact with customer. There is also a broadcast feature for TTLs, PMs and TMs to push major notifications to the chat as a whole, which will temporarily place it in a read only view for testers.

Here are some chat-specific rules to keep in mind:

  • Do not add PMs, TMs, or CMs to your contact list unless they have added you first
  • Keep all conversations professional in nature and on topic with the test cycle
  • Do not spam or distract PMs, TMs or TTLs
  • If you come across a questionable conversation yourself, contact us.

Basic tips on chat functionality:  

To sign out or in to chat there is an icon on the top right of the main chat filter.

Sign into Chat

Threaded Conversations are separate topics within a chat window that can be collapsed and expanded.

Chat window

There is a settings menu in each test cycle to collapse the members list and enable offline messages.

Chat settings in each test cycle

To add another tester as a contact in the chat window, simply click the + icon to the right of their username

  Select testers for 1 on 1 chat

To initiate a 1 on 1 conversation with another tester in your cycle, simply click their name and a new window will appear to the left of your test cycle chat 

 New 1 on 1 chat window

To delete a message you have sent, there is a light colored X to the right of your chat text

Delete a chat message

You can full screen your chat window by clicking the bracket box in the upper right corner

Full screen chat window

Online Status: Green = Online | Grey = Offline | Yellow = Add Pending

Online Status for chat

 To see how many unread messages you have for a particular cycle, you can review the browser tab


 You may also enable a beep sound to notify you when you receive new chat messages. This can be activated or disabled via the Settings page. 


Chat Etiquette

Testers must keep all conversations professional in manner and on topic with the test cycle.

Here are some simple guidelines to keep in mind when chatting:

  • Do not discuss payouts
  • Always check existing topics and general chat before posting a question (do not add noise by duplicating questions)
  • Never SPAM the chat or distract other testers within your test cycle.
  • If you are receiving unnecessary one on one chat messages, contact us.
  • Do not use all caps to draw attention to your message
  • Do not spam or distract PMs, Customers, or TTLs, and if you come across a questionable conversation yourself, contact us.

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