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Expanding Your Profile

Have you registered for a Lite profile but are now interested in participating in paid projects? Are you unsure whether or not you are eligible for paid projects? Do not fear! Expanding and maintaining your uTest Tester Profile is easy!

There are two profile types on uTest: Lite and Full. Both profile types are free and will give you access to uTest.com. However, to participate in uTest Paid Projects you must have a Full Profile. To expand your Lite Profile into a Full Profile you will need to go to the uTest Platform and fill out additional information regarding yourself, your devices, and your testing interests.

How to “Expand My Profile”:

  1. Go to platform.utest.com (or select “Expand My Profile” or “Go to Platform” from your uTest.com left navigation)
  2. Expand “Account & Settings”
  3. Complete fields within “Account Settings,” “Hardware & Software,” and “Testing Settings”

Remember: The more information you fill out within “Account & Settings” the higher the chances that you will receive paid project invites!

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