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What are the different bug classifications used on uTest?

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At uTest, we categorize bugs into 5 issue types:

  • Functional – Work flow failures.
  • Visual – Layout and user interface distortions or mistakes.
  • Content – Typos, grammatical issues and localization errors in text.
  • Performance – Problematic slowness, hanging, or sluggish interface.
  • Crash – The application quits unexpectedly.


Functional issues are workflow failures where something in the test application did not work as it was design to. These issues produce an unexpected or illogical application behavior where the end result differs from the expected result.


  • Broken page links.
  • Search and filters return incorrect results.
  • Button does not respond when clicked.


Visual issues affect the layout and cause user interface distortion such as missing elements or images on a page.


  • Page elements or content is misaligned.
  • Content does not fit the area it is in.
  • Inconsistent colors on a link, button or menu.
  • Picture is missing.


Content issues affect the text of a page, such as spelling, grammar and localization errors.


  • Localization issues where the wrong word is used in page translations.
  • Spelling and capitalization errors such as uTEsT.
  • Punctuation is used incorrectly in text. ( , . : ; ‘ ” )


Problematic slowness or hanging, sluggish interface. Features take longer to load than they should, slow navigation in the application.


  • Application reacts slowly when navigating throughout features.
  • Application or pages take too long to load.
  • Application freezes or becomes unresponsive.


Application quits or closes unexpectedly while using the features.


  • Web – page hangs and doesn’t respond, ultimately resulting with an error, or the browser closes.
  • Computer – application freezes the device, hangs for a long time or closes abruptly.
  • Mobile – applications close abruptly with an error.


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