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How to dispute a bug

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Disputing bug reports can be a delicate situation, and here you can learn how an ideal dispute should be conducted, what to avoid during a dispute, and when to avoid a dispute at all. Eventually most testers will run into a situation like this, but they can be opportunities to educate others with constructive concepts and expanded evidence.

Dispute a Rejected Bug:

Dispute a Rejected bug

When you should or should not dispute a bug

You should only dispute a rejected bug if you are certain that you are correct. Perhaps you did not elaborate enough in your first attempt, and now have additional information for the customer to properly understand the bug. You may use the Real-Time Chat to clarify any misunderstandings centered around the scope of the test cycle (do not use the Real-Time Chat for difference of opinions on how things should work or post a bug to the Real-Time Chat to request if it is valid or not).

If you determine that you need to dispute the bug, please click on your rejected bug and then click the Dispute Rejection button; you will be provided one chance to provide more information to the customer for further review. Be sure to communicate professionally and provide further evidence, such as screenshots and video captures (you can upload new attachments after you dispute the bug by clicking on the “Edit” button of the report). This will increase the likelihood of your dispute to be accepted.

One note of caution: Do not overuse this feature. If your bug is a duplicate, out of scope, or not reproducible, it may be rejected completely – even if you dispute it. On the other hand, if you were misunderstood, then you may re-explain concisely (you will have limited space for your dispute explanation). Additionally, never ask the customer to approve your testing work (this includes requesting them to accept as feedback). Testers who violate these rules may be subject to temporary or permanent account suspensions.

Additionally, do not use the Tester Messenger or Dispute feature to negotiate with the customer in any way, In other words, do not ask the customer not to reject your bug or bring up your tester rating as a reason for not rejecting the bug. We monitor all disputes and tester messenger discussions; testers in violation of this rule will be subject to further review and possible suspension of their accounts.

We recommend that you state the issue professionally, clearly and concisely in the first place so that you will not need to dispute a valid bug. And because testers are allotted a limited number of total disputes per month, we advise that you use this feature sparingly and accordingly.

Dispute FAQs

We have compiled some frequently asked questions regarding situations encountered after a bug has been rejected and a tester desires to dispute it. Remember, you may only use the dispute feature to dispute a bug – do not use the Real-Time Chat or Tester Messenger to dispute.

If my bug gets rejected, how do I find out the reason?

  • When a bug is rejected, an email containing the rejection details is automatically sent to the tester. Please sign in to the uTest platform to follow up with bug disputes as needed.

Can I dispute a bug for any reason?

  • Testers may dispute rejected bugs, so long as you are fair and communicate professionally with customers. Note: All testers have a limited number of disputes per month, so please use them appropriately. If you decide to dispute the bug, be sure to provide further evidence, such as screenshots and video captures and upload these directly to the uTest Platform (you can upload new attachments after you dispute the bug by clicking on the “Edit” button of the report). This will increase the likelihood of your dispute being accepted.

Can I upload new attachments when I dispute a rejected bug?

  • Yes. In fact, we recommend that you always provide further evidence upon disputing a rejected bug. This could come in the form of new screenshots or even a video capture. Please note that you can only edit your bug report and upload new attachments after you have disputed your report.

I cannot dispute any more bugs. Why?

  • All testers have a limited number of disputes per month. Each tester has 2 disputes, plus 10% of his/her approved bug count in a 30-day window. If a tester’s dispute is approved, the dispute approved bug will not count towards the dispute limit.

What if my dispute gets rejected but I still disagree?

  • If your dispute is rejected, there is no further action you can take to reverse the customer’s decision. In order to avoid this, please make sure that your bug report is clear, concise and within scope. This is by far the best way to avoid bug rejections and disputes.
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