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I just signed up for uTest, what do I do now?

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Welcome! You’ll find your “New Joiner Checklist” on your dashboard upon login. The New Joiner Checklist will be displayed on the Home page and will help direct new members on how to get started with the most important areas of uTest. In any order, when a user completes one of the tasks listed, the item will be checked off. Completing the checklist within the first 30 days will set users up for success in their uTest career.

The most important steps to get started are:

  1. Fill out and complete your profile, making sure to utilize the “I don’t have any” check boxes for any devices or subscriptions that you do not own.
  2. Setup your payment method so that we can pay you for your work!

Browse our educational Courses and take part in a live training cycle in our uTest Academy, to practice and sharpen your testing skills.

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