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How do I increase my tester rating?

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Your tester rating is very important in determining project invitations and payout per bug and test case, just to name a few. To increase your tester rating, focus on getting your reports approved at an Exceptionally or Very Valuable level and participate in projects frequently. How do you increase your approval rate and submit high-quality reports? By reading and following instructions carefully, providing detailed bug reports with relevant screenshots or video captures, etc. Finally, if you do not intend to participate in a test cycle, do not accept the invitation. Failure to report bugs or test cases for test cycles you accept may eventually lead to a lower rating.

One note of caution: Although bug approvals are important, never ask the customer to approve your rejected bugs. If your bug was incorrectly rejected, you may use the dispute feature to submit additional information about the bug. Testers who ask customers to approve their bugs (using the Dispute or Tester Messenger tools) will be subject to further review and possible suspension of their accounts.

How do I become a Gold tester?

There is no easy answer to the question, as it depends on your performance relative to the entire uTest community. (It is analogous to asking “how do I win the race?” It certainly depends on your performance versus the performance of other runners in the same race.) Tester ratings are updated on a daily basis, so the tier that you are in could change frequently – especially if you are near the boundary of two tiers.

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