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What Is Payment Testing?

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Payment testing is any test that requires the use of a payment instrument (or PI) to complete. At uTest, payment testing cycles are done under the Functional or Fn category. Some common PIs include Credit Card, Debit Card and PayPal. 

At uTest, we have various types of payment testing cycles. In some cycles, we may ask you to visit a customer site and try purchasing a product with PayPal to confirm the transactions are going through. In other cycles we may ask you to visit your nearest coffee shop and purchase a coffee with your credit card. You will be reimbursed for the charges according to the test cycle guidelines. So, you get a free coffee and compensation for your work too – how cool!

Payment testing cycles may collect PI details, however any information collected will be stored securely and erased once the cycle is complete. 

Important: We have a dedicated uTest Academy course on Payment Testing, check it out here to learn how payment testing cycles work and how to be successful. 

Update your payment testing information in your profile to increase your chances of being invited to a payment testing cycle. Click here to update now! 

Here are a few resources on Payment Testing cycles (must be logged-in to view):

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