Frequently Encountered Platform Login Issues

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To initiate your platform account’s initial password setting (or resetting), please navigate to and click “Forgot Password?”. Enter your account’s email address and submit.

The following are common platform login and email notification issues some users may encounter in this process …

  • I don’t receive emails from the platform.
    • Please make sure to check your spam folder and search your email account for any emails from
    • If you are still having issues receiving email from our platform, please contact support.
  • I receive an “Action Expired” error when clicking the password reset hyperlink on the password reset email I receive.
    • The link can expire for the following reasons …
      • More than 2 hours has elapsed since the password reset email was requested.
      • You have navigated to the password reset link URL more than one time.
      • Please Note: You can only reset your password from a regular browser tab. You CAN NOT reset your password by opening the link in a private/incognito browser tab.
  • If you experience issues in the password setting (or resetting), please try copy/pasting the provided URL into a new browser tab. DO NOT click the email’s hyperlink as some email clients have been known to alter the URL when clicking the link directly.
  • When trying to login to the uTest proxy, you may encounter the scenario of the login screen continuously refreshing. This is most likely due to either of 2 things; your account is locked in the backend database, or your password was last reset 12+ months ago. Both are solved by resetting your password. To do so, navigate to > ‘Forgot Password?’ (see above for more information on this process).
  • Once you’ve set, or reset, your password and you click the link to login, some users see the error below. Typically, you can simply go to the login page and login w/ your password you just set. Please try a private/incognito browser tab if a regular one isn’t working.

If you are still having password reset issues, please contact support.

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