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uTest Three Strike Policy

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The goal of the Three Strike Policy is not to unfairly police and punish people, but rather to hold our testing community to a high standard. By improving the caliber of our testing community, we improve the value that we bring to our customers and fellow testers who abide by these policies. Please note that this policy is strictly in regards to the Code of Conduct and not testing abilities or rejected bugs.

Any infractions to the Code of Conduct will be reported by a Moderator, a TTL or a PM to the Community Management Team. This also includes reports of testers not following the instructions in a test cycle.

All infractions will count as strikes on the tester’s record, where each strike has the following effects:

  • The first infraction will be Strike One, which counts as a First Warning on the tester’s file and an email will be sent to the tester from CM.
  • The second infraction will be Strike Two, which counts as a Second Warning and will result in a temporary suspension of the tester’s account for a time period at the CM Team’s discretion.
  • The third and final infraction will be Strike Three, which will be the tester’s final warning and will result in the closing of their account permanently.
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