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What Is Voice Testing?

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More than ever, people are using their voice to get things done. From getting answers to questions to turning on the lights in your home, almost anything can now happen with just a command of your voice.

Voice testing is all about testing those products which use human voice to function. By participating in voice testing cycles, you can help shape the future voice-activated world.

So, what tasks will you be asked to complete in a voice testing project? That depends on the product and what we are testing! If the product is in its initial phase, we may ask you to provide recordings of yourself speaking short phrases (or utterances), and these recordings will be used to train the product. Whereas, if the product is ready to launch, we may ask you to verify that the product is responding to your voice commands correctly.

Voice testing projects often require testers to have their own voice-assisted devices for testing, like Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Apple Homepod etc. If you own any voice-assisted device (not limited to smart home devices) make sure to add it to your devices list by clicking here. This will increase your chances of being invited to participate in a voice testing project.

1 minuteread

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