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What Is AI/ML Training & Testing?

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Modern products use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide various services to their customers and improved user experience. For example, Google Photos uses AI to identify different people in an image, create cinematic moments and enhance pictures quality.  

To make AI work, developers need to train the program first by feeding a lot of real data into it. This process is called Machine Learning (ML), and it allows the program to make accurate decisions. 

As a tester, you can participate in the AI/ML testing projects and help our customers develop their AI powered products by providing ML training data. Depending on the cycle and the product, the requirements will be different. For example, if the product uses AI to identify facial expressions, you may be asked to provide images of yourself making various facial expressions. If the product uses AI to identify exercises, you may be asked to provide videos of you performing specific exercises.

Always follow the test cycle instructions very closely and reach out to the TTL if you have any questions to avoid re-dos. 

Be assured that any data you provide to uTest for AI/ML projects will be kept securely and deleted once the project is over. And of course, participation in any uTest cycle is voluntary, so feel free to decline a cycle if it isn’t right for you!

1 minuteread

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