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uTest Help Getting Started How to Get Your First Paid Project

How to Get Your First Paid Project

Welcome to uTest!

Follow the below steps to increase your chances of receiving paid project invites!

Step 1: uTest Academy

The uTest Academy is the BEST way to start your journey with uTest. Each Academy Course will teach you the specific skills required to participate in paid projects and give you the opportunity to practice those skills within the uTest Academy Test Cycle. These test cycles are set up the same way a Paid Functional Testing Cycle would be, with a mix of Exploratory Testing and a Test Cases. The Academy functions as your audition to uTest while allowing you to become familiar with the uTest platform outside of a paid project.

ProTip: The more bugs you find and the quality of your work within test cycles increases your chances of receiving paid projects invites. uTest Academy is a great of building a uTest portfolio which will lead to more paid project opportunities!

Click here to signup for the uTest Academy

Step 2: Increase your odds

Participate in Test Cycles (including uTest Academy)

The quality and quantity of bugs you find has an effect on the number of paid cycle invites you will receive. Participating in as many testing cycles as you can and producing quality work in each one will lead to more opportunities at uTest!

Manage Tester Profile

The more information you fill out under “Account & Settings” within the Platform increases your chances of receiving paid project invites! Keep your tester profile complete and up-to-date!

ProTip: 70% of test cycles are on mobile devices; so make sure your mobile device environment is filled out and up-to-date!

Be Active on uTest

Increase your chances at receiving paid project invites by logging in and being active on uTest! Engaged members of uTest have a higher chance of receiving paid project invites than those who are not.

Apply for Projects on the Project Board

The Project Board is for test cycles that have unique tester requirements. Browse the project board and apply for all the projects that apply to you! Checking the Project Board often is a good way of showing you are an active member of uTest!

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