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Sandbox 101 Program

The uTest Sandbox 101 is a program that provides newly registered (or currently unrated) uTesters with the opportunity to evaluate uTest, and likewise an opportunity for uTest to evaluate new uTesters. This involves participating in an unpaid “audition” test cycle that closely mimics a regular, paid uTest test cycle.

The mission, if one accepts, is to follow instructions as outlined in the Sandbox test cycle and submit one completed test case and up to two bugs found on a pre-selected website for testing. A participant’s Sandbox performance will be closely linked with his/her eligibility for future paid uTest projects. In other words, if you do well in the Sandbox program and your profile matches future project demand, your chances of receiving upcoming projects is much greater than other newbie uTesters.

So how do I get invited to the uTest Sandbox? If you are a newly registered uTester, a select number of you will automatically be invited to an upcoming Sandbox test cycle (typically within one week of registration). In order to ensure that you meet the requirements for receiving the invite to Sandbox please be sure to update your profile accordingly:

  • Account & Settings > Testing Settings > Testing Expertise > Testing Types > select ‘Functional’
  • Account & Settings > Hardware & Software > Application Types > select ‘Web’

Your invitation will be dependent upon current and forecasted demand, including factors such as hardware, software and geography. For example, if you are a BlackBerry tester in Italy, you will likely be invited due to current/future demand in this market. Once invited, a Sandbox Team Lead (hand-selected top testers in the community) will be assigned to oversee your test cycle, providing resources and general guidance to the Sandbox class.

By the way, non-newbies can also participate as well: If you are not new to uTest, are not currently Rated (you do not have a badge next to your name in the uTest platform) or did not successfully complete Sandbox in a previous round, have your profile set up correctly, and live in a location where we are actively growing our testing community, you will continue to receive Sandbox invitations. While we place a priority on getting new uTesters an opportunity to take Sandbox, keeping your profile up to date, remaining active on the uTest, and most importantly, taking the uTest 101 quiz, will ensure that you will remain high our list of potential invitees.

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