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Setting Up Payments

Setting Up Your Payment Method on uTest

Payment Methods

When it comes time to get paid for your testing efforts, the last thing we want is for a technicality to delay or prevent us from paying you. This section lists the different methods we utilize to pay our testers and the details of setting up and receiving payments successfully. Not all payment types are available in every country so be sure to read through this section to ensure that you choose correctly to avoid any delays in getting paid.

How do I set up and select my payments methods?

In order to receive payments, you need to select and set up one of two payment options: PayPal or Payoneer debit card. Sign in to your account. Click on “Account & Settings”>”Payments.”

Important: Be sure to verify that you are able to withdraw money from your PayPal account to your bank account, as PAYPAL IS NOT FULLY SUPPORTED IN ALL COUNTRIES. If PayPal is not supported in your country, you will need to set up a Payoneer account instead. Keep in mind, if you have earned less than $10 with uTest, you will not be able to link your uTest account with your Payoneer account.

To select PayPal as your payment method, click on “Set up this payment method” under PayPal to enter your PayPal email address. Once you have entered your email address, click on the “Default” checkbox to select this method as your default payment method.

To select Payoneer as your payment method, you need to earn at least $10 in Pending Payments. When you have reached this threshold, click on “My Account” > “Payments.” Next, click on “Set up this payment method” under the Payoneer option. Once you have registered for a Payoneer account, please allow up to three weeks to receive your Payoneer card. NOTE: You need to have earned at least $10 to set up a uTest Payoneer account and receive payments on your Payoneer debit card. Once you reach this minimum, you will see the Payoneer section displayed. Click “Set up this payment method” under Payoneer to create a new account. After creating your Payoneer account, please wait until you receive your Payoneer debit card before being able to receive funds in your Payoneer account.

Once your Payoneer account is active, you will be able to select “Payoneer” as the default payment method. If you have any trouble setting up your Payoneer account after receiving your active card, please contact us.

NOTE: If your Payoneer account is set up to transfer funds directly into a bank account, you will need to accrue at least $50 in uTest funds before they will be transferred to your Payoneer account. This is due to a minimum funds requirement imposed by Payoneer.

Am I able to see my earnings in my local currency?

Yes, to see your earnings displayed in your local currency navigate to “Account & Settings” > “Settings.” From here you will be able to set your default currency in which you would like to view your payments.

Two important things to note about this feature: First, testers will still be paid in US dollars. This conversion will just show how much was earned in the local currency. Second, conversions of earnings will be at today’s rate rather than historical, so converting past payments will be a bit skewed depending on the currency’s historical valuation.

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