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What is a Favorite Tester?

The Favorite Tester feature enables the customer to designate who their valued testers are. This is especially important for recurring test cycles (which represent the majority of uTest projects), as customers need the ability to easily spot the most valued testers in order to retain them for future test cycles and/or projects.

When a tester is selected, a “favorite” badge/ribbon will appear on his or her Tester Snapshot, Testing History page, and on the cycle-level. For example, if you are selected as a favorite tester by five customers, your Tester Snapshot will display a favorite tester badge/ribbon with the number “5” appearing within the badge.

Each customer has a limited allotment of favorite testers, but each tester has no limit to the number of favorite designations received. Additionally, the customer may decide to take away the favorite tester status at any time.


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