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What is the TTL Program?

What is a TTL?

The term TTL is a uTest-derived acronym that stands for ‘Test Team Lead.’ TTLs are hand-selected members of the uTest community who work side-by-side with uTest Project Managers (PMs) to facilitate the flow and outcome of test cycles. Although the tasks required per test cycle may differ, the goal is the same: to increase the value that uTest brings to the customer by maximizing the output and minimizing the noise level. For many test cycles, the TTL’s main responsibilities are to monitor tester questions via test cycle chat and triage reports as they come in.

A few traits and required skills of good TTLs include:

  • Hard skills: high-quality testing output with proven track record, attention to details, expertise managing test cycles based on customer requirements across multiple technologies, Experience with uTest and an understanding of test cycle operations, and device/industry specific expertise
  • Soft skills: excellent communication skills, professionalism, culturally sensitive, fair and helpful
  • Sense of urgency: attentive to test cycle details and activity, focuses on responsiveness, escalates issues accordingly to the PM or CM, constructive not confrontational
  • Business acumen: understands what’s important to the customer with the ability to analyze and communicate the information across the testing community when necessary

How do I become a TTL?

New TTL candidates are selected directly from the uTest community. Testers who are Bronze, Silver, or Gold rated; who have the traits and skills listed above; and are in good standing with uTest are eligible to move into a TTL role.

When a TTL position becomes available, a member of the project team may choose to nominate a tester that they know first hand possesses the knowledge, skills, and experience required to become a successful TTL. Otherwise, the position will be posted on the uTest project board for testers who meet the specific qualifications to apply.

How do I increase my chances to be chosen as a TTL?

The best thing you can do to increase your chances at becoming a TTL is being the best tester you can be and follow the Tester Code of Conduct. At uTest, your skills, hard work, reliability, and positive attitude are noticed and rewarded.

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